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About VinylOne

Strategic. Cost-Efficient. Seamless.

These three words have positioned VinylOne as Cleveland, Ohio’s source of engineered rigid PVC raw materials, commercial recycling, PVC compounding, PVC grinding, plastic pulverization, and buying and selling post industrial PVC resin.

Strategic because we prioritize innovation, relationships, and establishing win-win partnerships with the companies we serve. Cost-efficient because our customer-first approach allows us to provide budget-sensitive solutions as businesses grapple with economic pressures and challenges. Seamless because we offer turnkey solutions that integrate seamlessly with our customers’ operations and logistics.

We annually reprocess approximately 40 million pounds of PVC scrap into a reusable form, with 100% of the repurposed material originating from post-industrial sources. Today, VinylOne stands as a leading U.S. producer of engineered recycled PVC compounds, a recycler of credit card waste and other types of rigid PVC.

For us, “re-imagining today’s materials for tomorrow's products” is more than a tagline. It’s a commitment that cultivates innovation and accountability. It also demonstrates our allegiance to establishing long-term, win-win partnerships with the organizations we serve.

Maximizing Efficiency on Both Sides of the Fence

We cater to the unique and diverse needs of large-scale manufacturers seeking to reduce their carbon footprint by repurposing PVC waste and those who use post-industrial PVC resins to develop quality products.

We partner with leading manufacturers to turn PVC “waste” into assets that boost bottom lines and profitability – all with minimal disruption to logistics processes and operations.

We also supply top producers of plastic goods with quality, consistent and uniform repurposed PVC materials that achieve a near 0% defect and rejection rate. Our easy-to-integrate solutions position our customers to optimize profits and minimize their carbon footprint by substantially reducing the waste they dispose of in landfills.

Whether supplying manufacturers with repurposed PVC materials or buying and repurposing PVC waste, VinylOne is committed to innovating and revolutionizing the art of “re-imagining today’s materials for tomorrow’s products.”

Headquartered in a 150,000 square-foot industrial space, VinylOne delivers PVC recycling and reprocessing solutions to award-winning, top-producing manufacturers across Northeast Ohio.

If your needs involve engineered rigid PVC raw materials, commercial recycling, PVC compounding or grinding, plastic pulverization, or selling PVC waste you can trust VinylOne to deliver a strategic, cost-efficient, and seamless solution.

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