PVC Compounding

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PVC Compounding

PVC plastics are used for a variety of products, such as building materials, packaging films and automotive parts. In its more rigid form, it can be considerably difficult for some recycling facilities to break down PVC scrap into reusable raw materials.

As a result, PVC compounding is a highly specialized process that requires careful attention to the nature of the material being melted into a reusable form. We employ only the most highly-trained compounding experts to handle this important service.

Preparing PVC Scrap

Prior to the introduction of heat during the recycling process, PVC waste must be ground into finer pieces to facilitate the goal of producing a cohesive material that our customers can use for their plastic manufacturing needs.

Once the grinding part of this multiple-step process is complete, VinylOne blends these small particles with PVC additives that help the melted plastic achieve the desired consistency and color. We then collaborate with each customer to ensure their PVC product has the necessary properties for their future manufacturing processes. Once the blend is confirmed, we compound the materials

Undergoing the PVC Compounding Process

Adding heat to PVC plastic transforms an otherwise unusable collection of ground PVC dust into high-quality reusable materials. The compounding process also often requires the introduction of several more chemicals and additives to achieve the desired finished product.

We have at our disposal various PVC additives, including Waxes, process aids, and stabilizers, which many Rigid PVC plastics need.

Readying Recycled Plastic for Next Steps

To facilitate the manufacturing process for our customers, VinylOne creates any number of Custom Engineered Recycled Rigid PVC blends upon the completion of our plastic compounding services.

Our 120,000 square-foot processing center transforms recycled plastic parts into window profiles to vinyl siding and even recycled card materials. Through our strategic partnership we can make PVC rolls and sheets for our customers as well. All it takes is a phone call to VinylOne to start transforming your PVC scrap into beautifully recycled materials ready for use. Contact us using the form on the right and see for yourself why hundreds of customers worldwide come to us for their Rigid PVC needs.

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