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Bulk Blending

Many plastic manufacturers hesitate to recycle their PVC scrap for fear that the returned product will not compare to its virgin counterpart. Perhaps your company harbors these same fears.

For this reason, we have made an unyielding commitment to producing recycled PVC plastics that match in every regard to the virgin products that our customers would otherwise use. Our dedication to creating premium quality PVC plastics is why we have enjoyed so much success in so little time.

Working with Your PVC Needs

Upon receiving your bulk blending request, VinylOne makes sure we fully understand and execute your exact specifications. We understand how poorly mixed PVC scrap can jeopardize the integrity and success of our customers’ business. Without the ideal PVC blend, the resulting products are inferior in shape or strength. Without the right PVC mix, the blended materials suffer from inconsistent color or texture. Both circumstances lead to reduced sales and a permanently tarnished reputation.

Just as our reputation rests on the experiences of our customers, so too does yours rest on your clients and consumers. That’s why VinylOne establishes and maintains an open dialogue with our customers so that their questions, concerns and needs are met throughout every step of the bulk blending process.

Creating Ideal PVC Blends

To achieve the correct PVC blend, VinylOne uses an array of PVC additives. Our comprehensive stock of blending components help to ensure that your product is the right color and consistency. We use only the highest-grade PVC materials so that your recycled product exhibits the same qualities as your virgin resources.

During the bulk blending process, we continually confer with our customers to assess their level of satisfaction with our products. To avoid the possibility of delivering a poorly received product, we make sure that each customer is in agreement regarding the properties of the bulk blend prior to the completion of the PVC mixing process.

Creating virgin plastic materials can be a costly endeavor for plastic manufacturers of all sizes. VinylOne makes it a financially competitive option to use our Cleveland, Ohio processing plant instead. In addition, customers gain peace of mind in knowing that their recycled PVC materials have left a noticeably smaller carbon footprint in comparison to purchasing brand new plastic resources.