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PVC We Buy & Sell

VinylOne has been in business for nearly a decade, and during this time, we have expanded our facilities to more than 100,000 square feet of recycling services. We have the comprehensive resources needed to transform a wide array of PVC and Rigid PVC waste into premium quality materials for use in a vast range of industries.

Have PVC Waste to Sell?

Call us to speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates about having VinylOne take it off your hands. If you’re in need of highly affordable and durable recycled PVC, contact us to learn more about our considerable selection of recycled materials.

PVC We Buy

More PVC materials are being produced with the end goal of future reuse. VinylOne has developed an esteemed reputation for our ability to transform PVC scrap into reusable PVC sheets, rolls, PVC products and compounds. However, our capabilities extend far beyond this. We can also accept off spec and wide spec compounds, and incomplete PVC compounds.

PVC We Sell

We only sell Highly Engineered Recycled Rigid PVC that have gone through our extensive recycling process, which includes grinding, pulverizing, blending, compounding of all incoming PVC waste. We inspect and approve every product for quality, consistency and durability. For additional details on the recycling materials currently available for purchase at our processing center, you can reach our helpful associates during normal business hours.

Trust Us to Buy and Sell Your PVC

VinylOne is driven by two central goals. The first is to reduce the strain put on the Earth’s quickly dwindling natural resources. The second is to save our customers from wasting their valuable PVC waste and spending precious dollars on purchasing costly virgin materials. We achieve these goals by offering closed-loop recycling services. Closed-loop practices ensure that each step of the recycling process, starting with the baling of your PVC waste to the granulation of our newly recycling materials, are done on-site at our extensive processing center.

Less time spent on the transfer of PVC scrap to other facilities and less energy devoted to communicating with outside recycling services means that we can streamline the waste-to-reusable-product process. This allows us to provide you with superior customer service and products at the lowest price possible.