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Many plastic manufacturers lack the industrial resources to transform raw PVC plastic into finished products. Especially for credit card companies, which may only print on and punch out their products from PVC sheets. For these companies, sending their PVC scrap to a recycling center may create a conundrum of what to do with the recycled products once returned to their manufacturing location.

VinylOne eliminates any reservations that our customers may have about using another company for their granulation needs. Our 120,000 square-foot processing center offers granulation options in addition to our PVC grinding and PVC mixing services.

How Granulation Works

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality recycled plastic materials, we strongly recommend that businesses send their PVC scrap to us in its original form so that we can oversee the entire recycling process. This process begins with our PVC grinding services, which quickly and uniformly break down plastic scrap into reusable elements.

Next, we work closely with each of our customers to ensure the ideal bulk blend for each of their manufacturing needs. This means creating an ongoing dialogue that clearly distinguishes specifications regarding color, consistency and other product features. Upon finishing the bulk blending process, we can transform the plastic blend into any number of PVC products, including PVC sheets and PVC rolls.

Choose Us for Your Granulation Needs

VinylOne has been a closed-loop plastics recycling center for nearly a decade. During this time, we have had the pleasure of working with countless customers to achieve their individual recycling needs. As a result, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to handle any granulation order.

Our service history speaks to our extensive knowledge of recycling a wide array of different plastic products. Our diverse customer portfolio reflects our ability to successfully fulfill the needs of companies across a range of industries. We handle grinding, bulk blending and granulation processes from one facility, which helps us complete orders without processing delays or communication errors.

Granulation Options

We create multiuse products such as PVC rolls and PVC sheets, which our customers can alter to fit their custom needs. We also granulate our recycled plastic materials into more specialized products based on the specific demands of each customer.

In particular, we create materials ready for use as vinyl siding, window profiles, and even automotive molding. No matter how detailed your product needs, look to us as your complete recycling center.

Contact VinylOne to discuss your recycling needs.