Size Reduction

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Size Reduction Overview

A Pioneer in Size Reduction

When PVC parts or substandard components come off the production line or when PVC scrap, waste, and floor sweeps are set aside, shipping tons of “waste” to a local landfill may seem viable. However, VinylOne is the best choice when you add up the substantial loss in revenue and the devastating environmental effects.

We stand as the best choice because we help plastic manufacturers reap the full benefits and value of recycled and repurposed PVC materials by guaranteeing the quality, consistency and integrity of the materials we source and resell.

Manufacturers count on our PVC grinding, granulation and pulverization processes to turn their PVC scrap into assets that avoid landfills. As a pioneer in size reduction, VinylOne leverages advanced technology and innovative techniques to fulfill our customers’ sophisticated needs for recycling their PVC materials.

We have all the equipment and technology at our Cleveland-based facility to transform scrap PVC into a usable product that aligns with your sustainability goals and commitments.

PVC Grinding

Our PVC grinding service assures customers that we’re environmentally conscious and committed to properly recycling and repurposing plastics to prevent them from ending up in landfills.

Find out more about our PVC grinding solution and how we can help you profit from your PVC waste by selling your scrap to VinylOne.

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PVC Granulation

Our state-of-the-art PVC granulation machines can handle everything from grinding relatively small volumes of off-spec parts to chopping large volumes of PVC scrap.

We deliver flexible and bespoke PVC recycling and repurposing solutions. Whether you require a closed-loop toll granulation service to reclaim the recycled material for reuse in new manufacturing or an ongoing partnership, you can trust VinylOne as a reliable and trusted resource.

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PVC Pulverization

We employ a meticulous pulverization process to grind PVC scrap into a fine recycled powder making it more manageable and uniform, allowing it to maintain its value. Because our quality PVC powder carries the same profile as recycled PVC pellets or regrind, plastic manufacturers can trust reusing our materials to produce new products.

To meet the varied needs of our customers, we offer several PVC pulverization options. Our industrial-strength pulverizers are perfect for reducing PVC materials to particles ranging in size from 10 to 40 mesh, depending on the customer’s request.

We also offer bulk blending services to develop custom-compounded blends. At VinylOne, we prioritize uniformity, consistency and quality and guarantee the color consistency of our PVC blends within one delta of color tolerance for loads as large as 40,000 net pounds.

We make it easy to simultaneously reduce costs, protect the planet and safeguard your company’s bottom line. Contact us today to explore the benefits of our pulverization options.

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