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Plastics Recycling

Plastics recycling has a long way to go. Despite growing recycling efforts, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates that less than 10 percent of all plastics are recycled.

At VinylOne, we’re eager to address this challenge. We have been changing the landscape of PVC recycling and production. Located in Cleveland, Ohio, our facility offers wide-ranging services for both plastic purchasers and sellers. Our capabilities include PVC Pulverization, 40,000 lb. lot bulk blending, compounding, sorting and Granulation.

Through these efforts, we have created a closed-loop recycling process that prevents needless landfill waste and produces high-quality PVC sheets, rolls, compounds and other PVC products that can be made into floor tile, vinyl siding, fencing, furniture, and even credit and gift cards.

Benefit to the Environment

The list of recyclable plastics is long, but far too few industrial plants and other plastic processors are taking advantage of this fact. The unfortunate reality is that the vast majority of plastic waste sits in landfills across the nation, occupying valuable space. By recycling existing plastic materials, VinylOne prevents the premature saturation of our landfills and the exhaustion of the Earth’s priceless natural resources.

VinylOne provides our customers with cost-saving measures that are easy to implement and even easier to benefit from. By selling us your PVC scrap to recycle and reuse, you save a substantial amount of money. Given the increasing consumer appeal of environment-friendly businesses, you are able to provide new and existing customers with yet another reason to choose your company over the host of competitors vying for their attention.

Let us help you reduce plastic waste, lower operating costs and boost revenue with our plastic recycling services. Use the form below to schedule your free waste assessment.