Re-Imagining Today's Materials
for Tomorrow's Products

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Consistently recognized as Cleveland, Ohio’s answer for engineered rigid PVC raw materials, commercial recycling, custom compounding, grinding, plastic pulverization and plastics buying and selling, VinylOne provides leading manufacturers with cost-efficient, turnkey PVC recycling and repurposing solutions.

As an innovator in commercial recycling and turning PVC-based waste into assets, we purchase post-industrial PVC raw materials and sell the repurposed material to various industries, allowing our customers to reduce their production costs and carbon footprint.

Ultimately, we strive to divert as much PVC scrap as possible from landfills, transforming it into quality, usable products. And our revolutionary, customer-centric approach has positioned us to do precisely that while boosting our customers’ bottom line.

Your Source for Top-Quality Engineered Rigid PVC Raw Materials

When you choose us, you join award-winning manufacturers who trust us to make recycling PVC waste seamless and to offer top-quality, defect-free, engineered rigid PVC raw materials.

Whether you’re looking to recycle PVC-based waste or invest in repurposed PVC materials, our focus remains the same – to provide superior service so you can rest knowing your company’s reputation and commitment to sustainability are in good hands.

Plastics Sourcing

A resource for plastic purchasers and sellers, we provide services that align closely with our customers’ sustainability goals and commitments, including PVC bailing, bulk blending, compounding, granulation, and grinding.

Buy and Sell Plastics

We make selling your PVC waste easy with competitive rates and reliable on-site pickup services. Our wide selection of defect-free repurposed materials and our ESG-compliant processing practices also make us a leading choice for companies looking to purchase repurposed resins.

PVC Compounding

Our highly trained, experienced experts understand the delicate nature of breaking down PVC scrap into reusable raw materials. This expertise distinguishes us as a leading choice for manufacturers seeking PVC compounds to produce an array of quality end products.

Quality and Superior Service You Can Trust

At VinylOne, quality and service are our top priorities. We source the best-engineered PVC raw materials. We integrate seamlessly with our customers’ existing logistic process flows and offer competitive rates for buyers and sellers of PVC materials. Above all, we deliver superior service every step of the way.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you lower costs, increase profits and reduce your carbon footprint – all while continuing to provide the quality end products your customers want and deserve.