Re-Imagining Today's Materials
for Tomorrow's Products

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Delivering Engineered Rigid PVC Raw Materials

VinylOne has relocated to a new facility. We have refocused our company name to reflect the products and services we continue to refine and provide our valued customers. VinylOne will give you the first class service and quality products you require from a business partner.

We are committed to delivering engineered rigid PVC raw materials of a performance level that will meet and successfully exceed your expectations. Our solutions-based approach to your extrusion, calendering and injection-molding needs allow us to effectively collaborate between both our technical staffs. This approach will enable us to engineer materials that will perform in your most demanding applications.

Plastics Sourcing

Our facilities in Cleveland, Ohio offer wide-ranging services for both plastic purchasers and sellers. Our capabilities include PVC baling, bulk blending, compounding, granulation and grinding.

Buy and Sell Plastics

Have plastic to sell? Call to speak with one of our knowledgeable associates. If you need highly affordable and durable recycled plastic, contact us to learn more about our considerable selection of materials.

PVC Compounding

Here at VinylOne we employ highly-trained, experienced compounding experts to handle the specialized process of breaking down PVC scrap into reusable raw materials.

For All Your PVC
Recycling Needs

We guarantee that from start to finish, our experienced staff will oversee all your PVC recycling needs.

With VinylOne, you can instantly see the financial benefits of reusing your own PVC materials. We guarantee you will receive only the finest engineered PVC products that match in every way the quality of new plastic resources.